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Check Out Old Dhankesari Result

These results are from old dhan kesari lottery draws. For results of the Nagaland state draw, visit Lottery Sambad. From 2021 back to the early 2000s, you can check past official results for India’s biggest raffle.

These are also the official Dhankesari Old Results since both the results of the Dhankesari and Sambad Lottery are identical. To see today’s Dhankesari result click here.

Dhankesari Old Results

What is Dhankesari Old?

Dhankesari Old can be summarized as past lottery results of the Dhan kesari. Although these results are the same as the ones published on the old nagaland sambad page, we still publish them seperately. So it is important for you to know that there is no difference between old result of the sambad lotto and the ones on this page.

Our sites publish all the draws that have been organized in the past, whether it is a morning, evening, or night draw.

Why are Old Dhan Kesari Results of Past Draws Important?

Results from old, past or previous draws of the dhankesari are quite important for players of the lotto who wish to accurately guess the results of an upcoming lottery draw. Although it is possible to win the dhan kesari by randomly guessing the numbers that will be released, it is not a reliable method to follow.

If you want to increase your chances of actually winning the dhanke sari, your best shot is to check old results that have been drawn. This is because knowing the numbers from previously held draws improves your forecasting knowledge. Many players of the raffle across the country make use of this method and it is quite reliable.

Secondly, the old Dhankesari results are important for lottery players who want to increase their chances of winning. By studying the old results, players can identify the numbers that have been drawn more frequently and use this information to make more informed choices when buying lottery tickets.

Finally, the old Dhankesari results are a valuable resource for people who have lost their lottery tickets or forgotten to check the results. By checking the old results, they can find out if they have won any prizes in past draws.

At we give you access to results from the past decade and even earlier. To get the information you need, simply scroll through the date and click on the one you wish to see.